Budget Kitchen Renovation Design Tips For Homeowners

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Budget Kitchen Renovation Design Tips For Homeowners

14 October 2021
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Kitchen renovations can be expensive projects if you opt for luxury finishes at every stage or you choose to completely remodel your room by moving walls and doors. However, it does not need to be so pricey so long as you keep an eye on how to make the most effective design changes without necessarily buying everything new. For example, keeping perfectly good kitchen cabinet shells is a good idea even if you want a new look. By replacing the doors and handles with new ones, your kitchen will look as though it is entirely new without breaking the bank. How else can you design modern-looking kitchen renovations on a budget? Read on to find out.

Cover Your Fridge Door

Fridges are usually rather plain looking at the front. Many are white and offer very little visual appeal next to much more attractive kitchen units on either side. Why not cover your fridge door to make it blend in with the rest of the colour scheme instead of leaving it? Some people will paint the front of their fridge the same colour they have chosen for their walls. However, you could just as easily stick wallpaper onto your fridge's door instead. This way, you can get a dynamic, patterned look that will cost a fraction of what you might spend on a designer fridge.

Tile Your Worktops

Many kitchen renovations involve fitting new worktops. This will be needed if you are altering the layout of your kitchen. However, if your kitchen renovation will retain the same footprint, you can keep your old work surfaces. A budget-friendly way to update them is to tile over what was there before. Ceramic wall tiles will do a great job in most kitchens. Alternatively, you can approach specialist firms that can clad existing worktops with a sheet of material that goes over the top. This way, you won't have to do any grouting.

Change Your Tap

Replacing a sink is often more expensive than it might first sound, even if you opt for a relatively inexpensive model. This is because the work surface the kitchen sink will be fitted in will usually have to be cut to accommodate a new one. However, you can update the look of this part of your kitchen with a new tap. Most monoblock kitchen tap mixers have universal fixings so it is straightforward to exchange your old one for a new model. Keep the old one in case you feel like an inexpensive change back down the line.