3 Essential Tips for Selecting the Ideal Whole House Water Filter

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3 Essential Tips for Selecting the Ideal Whole House Water Filter

15 July 2022
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Water filtration for personal use in your home is crucial for healthy living. Generally, the quality of the water supply might contain various contaminants that are a risk to human health. Luckily, there are numerous water filtration solutions on the market today. Because of this, it's easy to make mistakes when selecting the ideal water filter for your home, depending on your unique needs and supply line factors. 

Choosing a whole house water filter offers numerous advantages over other POU (point of exit) filters. However, these filters come in different shapes and functionalities. To help you understand what fits your needs, you must consider various factors, including:

Assess Your Current Water Supply

First, you want to determine the quantity and contamination status of the water supply. If the water entering your home is from a private source like a well, there are several affordable testing tools to help you get accurate reports. You can instead hire a water specialist to perform the testing. 

However, if your primary water source comes from the municipal water supply, request a water quality index (WQI) report from the local supply office. This report helps you determine what type of water filtration system you'll require. 

Determine Your Faucet's Flow Rate 

Most homeowners purchase water filters without determining their faucet's flow rate, resulting in pressure variations. Ideally, if the flow rate of the hose is lower than your water filter, your hoses will likely burst or start leaking. On the contrary, if the flow rate of your hoses and faucets is higher than your water filter, you might experience slow water flow, resulting in choking caused by air filling. 

Additionally, the variations in flow rate can also result in a malfunction of filter cartridges and reduced service life. Therefore, assess the flow rate on all faucets and determine an average estimate to purchase the ideal whole house water filter. 

Consider the Purpose of Filtration 

Generally, whole house water filtration systems are high-powered. Most of them come in different sizes and flow rates to offer an effective solution to homeowners. Ideally, homeowners with water storage tanks have an easier time finding the appropriate size of their whole house water filters. 

However, that can be challenging if your home receives a direct water supply from your municipality. If this is your case, you can determine the required water filter size by checking your daily water usage. Check your water meter to calculate the total amount in litres of water your household consumes daily, especially on your laundry day. 

Talk to a home water filter supplier to learn more.