3 Useful Features to Look for in Battery-Operated Motorised Shutters

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3 Useful Features to Look for in Battery-Operated Motorised Shutters

20 February 2020
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If you want to install motorised shutters on one or more windows in your home, then you can connect them to your electricity supply. However, this isn't the only way to power these shutters.

As an alternative, you can buy battery-operated products. These work just like electrically powered products, but you don't have to connect them to your mains supply. Before you choose which shutters to buy, it's worth checking out available features to see if any of them will come in handy. Which features might be most useful to you?

1. Battery Warning Alerts

Battery-operated motorised shutters typically work on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery sits in the control unit and provides the power needed to open and close the shutters.

While each charge lasts a long time, there will come a time when the battery runs low and needs to be recharged. Ideally, you simply do this for a few hours when you don't need to use the shutters. However, this depends on you knowing when the battery is running down.

Some control units have an alert system that tells you when the battery is running low. For example, a light might flash on the control unit. This is a useful feature. If you know when the battery is close to running out of juice, you can top it up before it stops working.

2. Removable Batteries

The batteries in some motorised shutter control units are fixed inside. You can't remove the battery itself. While this doesn't prevent you from charging the control, it does pose problems down the line. Even rechargeable batteries need replacing eventually. If you can't do this yourself, you might have to send the unit away or buy a new one.

It's better to look for shutters that have removable batteries. If you do need to buy a new one in the future, you can replace it yourself.

3. Multi-Shutter Controls

If you are installing motorised shutters on more than one window or plan to in the future, then it makes sense to look for a multi-shutter control system. The control unit in this kind of system can operate multiple shutters at once in the same room or in areas in the required signal range.

Having one control makes things easier. You won't have to install a control on the wall for each shutter which also reduces clutter.

To find out more about battery-operated products, contact a supplier who provides motorised shutters.