3 Reasons to Use Faux Wood Venetian Blinds in Your Bathroom

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3 Reasons to Use Faux Wood Venetian Blinds in Your Bathroom

16 March 2020
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If you want to put wood Venetian blinds in your bathroom window, then it's worth looking at faux timber products as well as natural ones. What are the benefits of using faux wood in your bathroom?

1. Better Environmental Resilience

Timber products don't always work well in bathrooms. They can have problems with moisture, humidity and even sunlight.

If you put up a wooden Venetian blind in this room, then the wood will suck in moisture over time. The wood may start to rot and go soft — in fact, the wood may get mouldy.

Plus, if your bathroom window gets a lot of sun, then this poses its own problems. Sunlight can dry out wood and make it crack and split. The wood will fade if exposed to the sun all the time.

Faux timber works better in these conditions — it isn't affected by moisture, humidity or sunlight. It stays strong and won't fade like natural wood.

2. Easier Cleaning

Wood blinds need regular cleaning and polishing to keep them looking good. Problem is, you have to be careful what you use to clean wood.

Some household cleaners aren't suitable for this job. They contain chemicals and additives that might damage the wood itself. If you scrub at the wood too hard to remove dirt and stains, you could do some damage yourself. So, you may have to use specialist products whenever you want to clean your blinds. This won't always be a quick and easy job.

Faux wood Venetian blinds are easier to clean. Although they look like wood, they are usually made of composite PVC plastics. You can usually use the regular cleaners you already have at home for this job. You won't need to buy extra cleaners or worry about damaging the blinds.

3. Lower Costs

If you buy a natural wood blind, then you'll pay more for it. Wood is more expensive to buy than faux PVC substitutes.

While you can save money if you take a faux timber route, remember that this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice the cosmetic appeal of natural wood. Faux blinds look just like they are made from natural woods.

If you go for a composite product, you'll even get some wood in the build. This makes blinds look even more natural.

To learn more about faux wood Venetian blinds, contact a company near you for help.