Attributes of a Quality Blind Material

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Attributes of a Quality Blind Material

7 August 2020
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Many homeowners wonder if they need blinds for their kitchen when they want to revamp their kitchen. The answer is usually a resounding 'no.' However, a kitchen is the heart of a home; therefore, it should be welcoming to guests and family members. One way of revamping a kitchen is by choosing new blinds. However, finding quality blinds can be challenging for most homeowners, especially regarding a first-time project. This article highlights the qualities of superior kitchen blinds.

1. They're Light 

Heavy blinds are common in bedrooms and living rooms because they create an excellent barrier against the cold. Moreover, heavy blinds are not easily blown away by the wind, which maintains your privacy even with the windows fully open. However, blinds made from heavy fabric are the last thing you need in your kitchen. The reason is that heavy materials tend to retain smells. Unless you plan to wash them every day, you should stick to light fabric blinds. Additionally, the light fabric allows heat to dissipate in a kitchen, thereby making the space comfortable to cook in.

2. They're Splash Proof 

One thing you will notice as you scour the internet for kitchen design is that most windows are positioned directly above the sink. The design is intentional because it makes the implementation of kitchen plumbing easy, maximises countertop placement, and allows fresh air when smelly dishes are being cleaned. Why then would you need blinds that absorb water? Notably, splash-proof blinds are the best choice for a kitchen window. The best splash-proof blinds are either Teflon or PVC coated. The coating allows for easy cleaning even when you splash smelly liquids on kitchen blinds. Besides, splash-proof blinds are highly hygienic because they keep mould at bay.

3. They're Heat Resistant Material 

Light fabric blinds are necessary to prevent heat accumulation in a kitchen. However, it does not mean that the blinds can stand up to the hot environment in a kitchen, especially if you cook a lot. If you use blinds that do not stand up to heat well, you will begin to notice damages. Investing your hard-earned money on heat resistant blinds is the best decision. It is mainly the case if you live in the northern section of Australia where it is hot in summer and warm in winter. Besides, go for blinds with metallic coating on the back to reflect sunlight hitting a kitchen window.