Two Interior Design Tips to Follow When Getting a Roller Blind for Your Bathroom

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Two Interior Design Tips to Follow When Getting a Roller Blind for Your Bathroom

25 March 2021
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If you'll be replacing your bathroom's roller blind, you should try to follow the interior design advice here when you do so.

Consider how close the window is to your sink and shower

If your bathroom's sink and shower are quite close to the window, then you'll need to consider this when deciding which roller blind to get. Each time you wash your face and hands in the sink or pull the shower curtain back after taking a shower, some water droplets will fly onto nearby surfaces. If the window is near these areas, then the roller blind will get splashed by some of this water.

If the roller blind is, for example, a plain pastel yellow or pale green colour, these droplets will be very visible and will give the blind a water-stained, unsightly look. Whilst they'll dry out and disappear after an hour or two, more water will land on the fabric every time someone uses the bathroom. Given this, if you'd prefer the new blind not to look permanently damp and water-stained, it's best to pick a dark roller blind fabric that has an intricate pattern (such as, for example, a dark purple blind with a detailed floral print), as the busy design and dark colour will hide the water spots.

Put the roller blind outside the bathroom window's recess if the bathroom doesn't have much storage space

In most rooms, it is usually best to put roller blinds inside the windows' recesses, as it tends to look neater. However, if your bathroom has very little storage space, it might be better to put the roller blind brackets outside the recess.

If you put the brackets on the inside, you'll find it harder to utilise the window sill as a storage area for things like your cosmetics and toiletries. This is because each time you or someone else rolls the blind down, it will collide with and perhaps knock over some of these items that are directly below it on the sill. Having this happen every time you close the blind before getting in the shower will soon start to irritate you. It could also result in any toiletries that are in glass bottles getting broken. By putting this item outside the window's recess, it will simply skim past the edge of the window sill when you roll it down and you can, therefore, keep using the sill as a storage area.

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