Benefits of Custom Frameless Glass Shower Screens

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Benefits of Custom Frameless Glass Shower Screens

23 April 2021
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If you're installing a new shower in the bathroom, you may wonder whether to opt for premade screens or to select a custom option that allows you to construct a unique enclosure. To help you decide, consider the following benefits of custom shower screens.

Fit to Your bathroom

One of the main benefits of a custom shower is that you can adapt its size and shape to fit your bathroom. You won't be limited to standard dimensions and contours. The ability to adjust the screens will help whether your bathroom is large or small. You could fit an ultra-spacious shower with a stone bench in a large bathroom to create a luxurious spa feel. In a small bathroom, you can alter the shower proportions to make the most of the space. For instance, in a long, narrow room, fit a fixed screen at one end to form an enclosed area against three tiled walls. Otherwise, install an elongated and shallow oblong shower that doesn't protrude too much into the open floor area. Custom screens offer excellent flexibility.

Get Creative

Custom shower screens allow you to get creative and express your personality. As well as adapting the shower shape and size, you can alter the glass type you install. Instead of standard clear glass, you could install low-iron screens that are without a green tinge. Alternatively, fit decorative frosted screens with unique custom etchings. Why not pick out a motif from elsewhere and repeat that within the screen? For example, if your bathroom features an ornate framed mirror, you could repeat the curves and scrolls on the mirror frame within the frosted etching design on the shower screens.

Another glass type to consider is patterned glass that's moulded with patterns to form a three-dimensional surface. You can also install toned glass in shades like grey, bronze, green, and blue. With a custom shower, you'll have plenty of variables to create personalised screens. You could even combine techniques by installing patterned glass that is also tinted, for example.


Glass showers use toughened safety toughened glass screens which are several times stronger than the standard glass in window panes. Toughened glass rarely breaks, but if it does, it crumbles into harmless cubes, rather than pointy shards that are likely to cause injury. You can choose between different thickness levels for the tempered glass also. Your installer can suggest the optimum screens is for your particular shower.

To learn more, contact a custom shower screen service.