Benefits of Residential Plantation Shutters

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Benefits of Residential Plantation Shutters

23 August 2021
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Window coverings greatly impact the look of a room because they cover large wall space and they're highly visible. One beautiful and functional option is plantation shutters. Here are their benefits.

Flatters Varied Room Styles

Plantation shutters suit variously styled rooms, as they come in different colours and materials. To create a classic look, you could install white-painted timber plantation shutters. Alternatively, in a bohemian space, you could install stained timber shutters. You can choose between dark coffee, pale honey or other tones created by the staining treatment to harmonise the shutters with other wood elements in the room. Plantation shutters also come in a range of colours, such as ivory, beige and grey. When picking the hue, remember that they can be seen from the kerb. So, you should choose a colour that coordinates with the external facade and the interior.

Suits Wet Areas

As well as timber, plantation shutters can use other materials that better withstand wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. For example, you can install faux wood PVC shutters embossed with wood grain textures in a white finish to mimic white paint. While timber can rot in moist environments, PVC can handle such conditions. Thus, if you love the wood look, you could install basswood shutters in the living areas and faux wood in the bathroom and kitchen. Another possibility is aluminium, a metal that naturally repels rust.

Insulation and Ventilation

Plantation shutters provide a protective insulating layer over your windows, helping you to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The shutters are affixed firmly within the window frame. Once you angle the louvres shut, you can create a pocket of air that makes it harder for heat to transfer through in either direction.

Plantation shutters also offer better ventilation control than most other window coverings. You can open the window and angle the louvres to allow a slight or strong airflow. These shutters don't simply flap in the wind like blinds and curtains do because they're fitted to the window frame.

Light Control

With plantation shutters, you simply need to angle the blades to redirect the sun rays into the room. For example, turn them to deflect light towards the ceiling, away from a computer screen. If you install swinging, bifold or sliding plantation shutters, you can open them entirely out of the way for a clear, open view out the window.