Key Elements To Guide The Interior Design Of Your Space

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Key Elements To Guide The Interior Design Of Your Space

Revamping the appearance of your home can feel incredibly daunting. As much as you want to have a Pinterest worthy aesthetic in your house, it can be challenging to know where to start! The good news is that interior design is not rocket science. As long as you are familiar with the primary principles of designing a space, you can go on and make every room in your home Instragrammable! While I, admittedly, am not a professional interior designer, I have picked up nifty tips along the way and I am here to share them with every homeowner that wants a beautiful home. On this site, you will get to learn about how to make the most of balance in a room, creating harmony with patterns and shapes and so on!


Six Reasons to Fit Outdoor Blinds at Home

12 March 2020
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Lots of Australian homeowners prefer blinds to curtains these days. They are often more in keeping with the rest of a modern home's interior décor style than other forms of window treatment. When it comes to the outside of your home, you may consider fitting awnings or even a gazebo. Why should you opt for outdoor blinds instead? Read on to find out. 1. Perfect Matching If you have indoor roller blinds fitted, then outdoor versions which come in the same or a similar looking fabric means you will achieve a much more coordinated look between the inside and outside. Read More …

Vertical vs. Horizontal Blinds: Which Is the Best Style for Your Home

25 February 2020
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Blinds are quickly becoming a favourite among homeowners today. Their versatility, functionality and aesthetic appeal have given them a competitive edge over other window treatments such as curtains. As you shop for blinds, you will encounter two main types: vertical and horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds feature slats that run vertically on the windows and open to the side. Horizontal blinds, such as roller blinds, roll up to the top of the window. Read More …

Comparing Three Types of Blinds For Your Home

21 February 2020
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If you are considering new window treatments for your home, then blinds constitute one of the most versatile kinds of window treatment you could choose. In terms of interior design, they are incredibly adaptable and will fit in with just about any interior décor style you have planned. The big decision is not whether to fit blinds but which type will suit your room the best. Read on to find more about vertical, Venetian and roller blinds and what makes them distinctive. Read More …

3 Useful Features to Look for in Battery-Operated Motorised Shutters

20 February 2020
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If you want to install motorised shutters on one or more windows in your home, then you can connect them to your electricity supply. However, this isn't the only way to power these shutters. As an alternative, you can buy battery-operated products. These work just like electrically powered products, but you don't have to connect them to your mains supply. Before you choose which shutters to buy, it's worth checking out available features to see if any of them will come in handy. Read More …